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In the vibrant city of Toronto, where urban living meets natural beauty, a Freestanding Deck stands as a testament to both functionality and aesthetics. Unlike decks attached to homes, a Freestanding Deck is a standalone structure strategically placed in the backyard. At Deck Contractor Toronto, we specialize in crafting these versatile outdoor spaces, transforming ordinary backyards into havens of relaxation and entertainment.

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Why Choose a Freestanding Deck?

  • Strategic Placement: Freestanding Decks can be placed strategically to maximize specific backyard features, such as garden views, poolside retreats, or shaded areas beneath trees. Their standalone nature allows for creative placement, optimizing the outdoor experience based on your preferences.
  • Design Freedom: With a Freestanding Deck, design possibilities are endless. Its standalone structure allows for unique shapes, multi-level designs, and creative landscaping integration. Whether you desire a circular deck, an L-shaped lounge area, or a deck surrounding a garden oasis, the design freedom is unmatched.
  • Ease of Access: Freestanding Decks offer easy access from various points in the backyard. Their standalone nature ensures that you can walk around the entire deck, providing convenient entry points from different areas of your outdoor space.
  • Adaptable to Terrain: Freestanding Decks are ideal for uneven terrain. They can be built to accommodate sloped or irregular landscapes, transforming challenging areas into functional and visually appealing spaces. These decks can adapt to the natural contours of your backyard, enhancing the overall aesthetics.
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Deck Contractor Toronto: Your Freestanding Deck Experts

At Deck Contractor Toronto, we understand the importance of blending design innovation with outdoor functionality. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in constructing Freestanding Decks that capture the essence of your vision. We pay meticulous attention to placement, design, and construction, ensuring your Freestanding Deck becomes a seamless extension of your outdoor living space.

Elevate your backyard experience with a Freestanding Deck designed exclusively for you. Contact Deck Contractor Toronto today, and let us transform your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary outdoor retreat.

Get a Quote for Your Perfect Deck

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and relaxation? Getting a quote from Deck Contractor Toronto is quick and easy. Simply provide us with some basic details, and we’ll craft a customized quote tailored to your unique project requirements.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“Since the beginning John was amazing – responsive, patience, and did exactly what promised. And the quality? WOW! Even better than I expected. I highly recommend the company and will definitely have them back here to finish the posts once construction is completed.” – JCM

“Very easy going ,professional working personal. This team knows their business and gets things done in timely manner. Couldn’t be happier with their service!” – Svitlana


“Everyone on the team treated our home with care as they were manually moving all the bricks, stones, dirt and cement by hand. I cannot believe how amazing our yard looks and it was truly due to the quality and knowledge and expertise of John, Eugene and their team.” – Jared

“Highly recommend this company for any landscaping services! They definitively worth a call, professional and friendly customer service and wide range of services.” – Shahira


“We are very happy with Action Home Services, and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to make improvements around their home. If we had another project in the future, we would definitely reach out to them again.” – Shakalistic

Amazing company to work with… everyone is polite and professional and cares about your house like it is their own house. We did a massive reno in a small backyard and added a pool. Would not hesitate to use again and recommend to friends and family” – Asiya


Freestanding Deck Contracting FAQs

What is a Freestanding Deck, and how does it differ from a deck attached to a house?

A Freestanding Deck is a standalone structure unattached to a house, placed strategically in the backyard. Unlike attached decks, it offers flexibility in placement, allowing for creative positioning to optimize views, sunlight, and landscaping features.

Can a Freestanding Deck be designed to accommodate outdoor furniture and entertainment features?

Absolutely. Freestanding Decks are designed with functionality in mind. They can be customized to include seating areas, dining spaces, built-in planters, and even outdoor kitchens. These features transform the deck into a versatile entertainment hub within your backyard.

How does a Freestanding Deck offer a greater sense of privacy compared to attached decks?

Freestanding Decks provide increased privacy options. By strategic placement and the addition of privacy screens, trellises, or tall planters, you can create secluded areas within your backyard. This enhances the feeling of privacy and tranquility, making your outdoor space more intimate and inviting.

Can a Freestanding Deck be constructed to include a water feature, such as a pond or fountain?

Yes, Freestanding Decks can integrate water features seamlessly. A deck can be designed around an existing pond or include a fountain or small waterfall. The soothing sounds of water enhance the deck’s ambiance, creating a serene environment for relaxation and contemplation.

How does a Freestanding Deck add value to a property in terms of resale?

Freestanding Decks significantly increase a property’s value. Their well-designed and functional nature makes them attractive to potential buyers. Additionally, a thoughtfully crafted Freestanding Deck showcases the property’s outdoor potential, making it a key selling point that can set your home apart in the real estate market.